We’re on a mission to simplify helper hiring

Hiring a helper has not changed for decades. A handful of biodatas, a shopfront where helpers are lined up against the wall & an industry that has missed the digital revolution


A digital helper search platform which will bring trust, transparency & convenience to employers & helpers by cutting out the agency model which is not known for its professionalism & more for charging exorbitant hiring fees

Maidify describes its model as employing a hybrid approach by combining the advantages of a traditional maid agency — a main point of contact and personalized support — while digitizing the hiring process, which includes shortlisting of helpers, interviewing, managing all documentation & processing the application( now on the Web , soon in an App )

The bigger vision, is for Maidify to become the “single point of contact for everything helper related in your life, available 24/7”


Meet The People Who Built & Manage Maidify

We’ve spent countless hours designing, developing and creating Maidify. We’d ensure that it’s the best helper hiring portal anyone has ever created, and we think it shows.


:: Michael Feroz Khan ::

Founder/ C E O

Seasoned recruitment specialist with 25 years experience in general recruitment & maid agency services

dungtt a



Hanoi University of Science and Technology

The “MAN”behind Maidify , who translated a simple concept into an absolutely stunning, sophisticated site

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Supported by a nimble, remote working team spread across Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam & India